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"The Beanie"

"The Beanie"

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Handmade oversized knit beanie. Made to be rolled, it will comfortably fit over your ears, or can be rolled deeper and sit propped up. Style it any way you like! This beanie is meant to be loved and will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

Michelle, owner of blaksands makes these to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Due to handmade nature, beanies may ever so slightly vary in color and feel.

Material: 100% Merino Wool. Sustainably sourced in Uruguay. Beautiful, premium yarn that is so soft to the touch.

Care: Wool is all natural and has antibacterial properties. It does not need to be washed - simply air out between wearings or after getting wet. If needed, spot treat by hand.

Wear: It’s totally fine for your beanie to get wet! It will keep you warm in the rain - just let fully dry between wearings - or - before storing.

Please choose your favorite color below! Check back for more colors and availability.


Alpine Snow - Pure White

Toasted Marsh-mellow - a warm ivory cream

Misty Morning - Light Grey

Taffy - light lavender

Afterglow -

Puget Sound - A mauve grey - such a beautiful color

Sea Glass - varies between pale blue & seafoam

Glacier - Dusty and pale denim blue

Frozen Blueberry - Bright & Pale Blues, like the frozen frost on a blueberry

Ocean - Deep vibrant colbalt blue

Night Sky - Deep Indigo blue

Fern - a beautiful deep green

Squash - beautiful Ochre

Highlighter - neon green

Cheeto - Bright Neon Orange

Cherry - a perfect rich red ( NEW in 2023! )

Measurements: 12" tall (without roll) by 8" across (has some give/stretch and will mold to your head)



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