A Better Re-Sale Platform - Noihsaf Bazaar

A Better Re-Sale Platform - Noihsaf Bazaar

Let me introduce you to Noihsaf Bazaar. A really super cool and curated re-sale platform for lovers of slow fashion, vintage, home decor and beyond.

I first discovered NB in 2017, around the time I discovered and fell in love with Sarah of Bohème Goods. I guess you could say I was just beginning my foray into the world of sustainable and slow fashion - and social media  was opening up a whole new world to explore. Back in that time, Noihsaf was solely on Instagram, and was a place where like-minded individuals could list, sell and buy really unique and quality pieces from their personal closets. It’s where I discovered so many of my favorite slow-fashion brands from James Street Co to Babaà to Rudy Jude. I loved this page and would spend hours every morning seeing what new items were listed ( especially in the winter when I was trying to complete my James Street Co original merino wool set - iykyk ). It’s where I purchased the most amazing pair of cashmere pants from a seller in Montana, and my favorite No.6 boots. I learned about the beauty of buying quality items, and found pieces that held their value - year after year. Pieces that I love and cherish. I have purchased and sold many beautiful items from NB - and have watched it grow and flourish into the website/platform as it currently exists on the internet.

so, Why Noihsaf?

I want to share this resource with you - if you are looking to find and discover high quality items, or re-sell pieces that no longer fit your lifestyle.

If you invest in good quality items from a vintage seller or a slow-fashion brand - the chances of it holding it’s value ( even after you’ve worn it a bit ) are higher. I stick to purchasing brands that are beloved, such as Rudy Jude, so when I need to swap for a different size, I can re-sell for close to retail - directly to a new home on NB. You're keeping quality goods circulating within a platform that will directly reach like-minded buyers who are looking to invest in the same or similar items as you.

If you find that a vintage item doesn’t work for you ( or from another seller online ) Noihsaf is a great place to list and re-sell. You can set-up your own store-front, follow other sellers, brands you enjoy, ask questions and find a community of people who are all invested in the same things as you. You might even make a new friend along the way!

and my last piece of advice - if you are a vintage re-seller , this is an excellent platform to cross list items. It is a great place to reach new customers outside of your current audience, and has been a very helpful tool in growing my online business in tandem with my website.

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