Buy a Mask - Give a Mask

Buy a Mask - Give a Mask

In early April we released our first collection of protective masks using secondhand and vintage fabrics sourced prior to the beginning of COVID-19. These fabrics were fully intended for a future scrunchie collaboration, but as I saw the world as I knew it rapidly change before my eyes - it felt fitting to re-purpose this fabric into the most immediate need - masks.

With the help of local artist Laura DePalma, we came up with a game plan to create the best masks possible - ones that are cute and comfortable. Per Laura's suggestion we decided to use fabric ties instead of elastic, as they are easier to clean, and provide all day comfort. We have heard so many wonderful comments and feedback from customers about how comfortable and stylish they feel wearing them for work & errands.

It is important to me to continue to follow our core values - and use secondhand fabric as much as we can, and stick to natural materials. Our sourced fabric is all 100% cotton, or 100% silk - and has been washed and cleaned prior to being sewn. Each mask is hand-made to order by Laura. Your purchase supports her, as well as our local community of creatives. For each mask purchased we will donate to an essential worker in need. At the end of April we donated 70+ masks to the lovely humans of PCC natural markets. PCC Ballard is my local grocery store - and it felt truly amazing with your help to be able to give back to our local community in such a meaningful way.

As you can imagine it has been a little tricky to source fabric these days - but with the help of some amazing friends (Jill, Lana & Elaine) I was able to gather a beautiful selection of fabric for our next collection. We have even added a tie-dye mask, as well as a new style! I am so excited to bring you comfortable and cute masks - ones that you can feel good about! Your purchase goes towards supporting Laura - as well as gives a mask to a worker in need. Without YOU, this would not be possible - and I am so humbled by your support.

Check out this totally adorable post from Emma of her and her co-worker rockin' their blaksands masks!

Cute and stylist facemasks from secondhand fabric

Each week we will release a limited number of masks for pre-order until we run out of the fabric available in this collection. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to ship as these are made to-order in small batches. Thank you!

Quantities are extremely limited. Shop the full collection here!

These masks are fully machine washable - and are extremely durable. I have washed and dried mine many times - and as far as I can tell we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. It's best to have at least 5 on hand per person in your household, so you can launder between each use and ensure you have something to wear whenever you may need it. Plus it's kind of fun to coordinate your masks to your outfits :) If we are going to wear masks to protect ourselves and those around us, we might as well look cute doing it!

Have fabric to donate? We are looking for 100% cotton - bedding or linens are preferred.

Have a suggestion of where we can donate masks to? Please reach out!

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