3 ways to remove that "Thrift Store" smell

3 ways to remove that "Thrift Store" smell

We all know that infamous "second-hand" store smell, or that musty "been in the downstairs basement for 3 decades" musk - amiright? I'm highly sensitive to smells, and am obsessed with my clothes smelling as fresh as possible. I do my very best to launder, wash, dry-clean and remove any musk from my items before re-selling to you - and I'd love to share my top three tips to removing any suspicious odors!

1. Vinegar - this is a classic and friendly way to remove odors from your clothing. I just pour in a few tablespoons to the "pre-wash" section of my washing machine, and let the wash do the rest! I go for the Distilled White Vinegar - something you can pick up at any grocery or local drug-store.

2. The Freezer Method - yes it's strange, but boy does it help! I have been known to throw a few things in the freezer for a day-or two, it helps kill off the bacteria causing the smells, and then I will try the vinegar method! It's definitely a good giggle when my husband opens the freezer and sees a few articles of clothing inside!

3. Essential Oil - I love this method for washing clothes in general, and is a great way to add a scent to your laundry if you use natural detergent. I prefer any of the scents from Gya Labs, but prefer to use Lemongrass or Eucalyptus scents to help remove stubborn odors. I also recommend trying Dropps out for a great Eco-friendly detergent!

What ways do you use to remove stubborn scents from clothes? Please share in the comments!

3 tips to remove that thrift store smell

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