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Together we can help Australia

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to come up with a way we can continue to support and help Australia. The bushfires are STILL happening, even if they have become a bit quiet in the US media lately. Personally, I donated to the NSW fire brigade a few weeks ago, but it hardly feels like enough. I chose them first and foremost, as supporting the men and women working to fight the fires was what felt the most important to me. I do think it's important to keep talking about the fires, and increasing awareness of the ramifications of this disaster - as well as the other ways climate change is plaguing our earth.

credit Oliver Jeffers

Photo/Post credit to Oliver Jeffers

In honor of our friends in Australia (and mother earth) I'll be donating 100% of the profits from the sales of our Signature Logo Tees towards two organizations: NSW fire brigade and WIRES wildlife rescue. We will run this donation through the end of January - and stock is running low.

The tees will be on sale for $30 + shipping, (which means after fees and shipping, about $20-25 will be donated per tee). I hope together we can raise additional funding - and increase awareness on what's happening across the world. It's easy to turn a blind end and quiet ear - but I truly believe that change comes from education, and education comes from speaking up.

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Want more ways to help?

  • Donate directly to WIRES Wildlife Rescue
  • Donate directly to the NSW fire brigade
  • Find and support a family in need via GoFundMe
  • Share and post on social media regarding updates to the bushfires
  • Continue to read, discuss and share about climate change with your friends, family and social circles

Have another idea? Please email me and I will add it here!

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