Sustainable Undie Swaps

A few weeks ago we shared our Sustainable Fashion Swaps (part one) - and are now sharing our favorite sustainable undie brands! These are my absolute favorite brands and am so excited to share my honest thoughts (and perhaps introduce you to) some of my favorite players in this arena. Thank goodness high-waist styles are back, as I think nothing is cuter / sexier than a matching high-rise undie and bra set!

If you're looking for pure comfort (and matching baby), check out:

Shop Arq

These matching sets are perfect for lounging, every day wear and even as a swimsuit if you dare! I discovered ARQ about a year ago and have slowly been collecting since. These best-selling styles have become a quarantine favorite - so I recommend signing up for re-stock notifications if your size is currently sold out. I find the wide-strap bra to be moderately supportive (even for DD) and the Crop Tanks are perfect to wear as PJs or layered under day-to-day outfits.

They carry a wide range of sizes to fit all bodies, are maternity friendly - and even carry kids/baby sizes to match. Their size chart is accurate and they respond very quickly to customer questions. I take my typical size in the Tank and Undies, and size up one in the Wide Strap Bra.

Favorite styles,

Wide Strap Bra ( L )

Crop Tank ( M )

High-Rise Undies ( M )

If you're looking for a one-stop shop (from undies to sleep to workout), check out:

Pansy Co

I honestly don't know how I was so late to the Pansy Co party! Really! I just discovered them during COVID and have quickly become their #1 fan. Seriously. After trying their Full Bra - I literally donated the last of my underwire bras and ordered as many colors as I could. These are the real deal - soooo comfortable and supportive! I am never looking back.

Pansy is great because they have SUCH an incredible line-up of styles, from low-rise undies to socks and everything in between - they will certainly have you covered from head to toe.

Again - their sizing chart is spot-on and they are extremely helpful with customer questions. They even have a full return policy which can help ease your mind when shopping for the first time! I take my typical size in the undies and leggings, and size up in the Full Bra and Gym Shorts.

Favorite styles,

Full Bra ( L )

X High Rise ( M )

Gym Shorts ( L )

Leggings ( M )

They also have socks, scrunchies, bath robes and MORE!

Again, like ARQ they are size / body inclusive and just as popular - so be sure to get on their mailing list for re-stock announcements!

Pansy Co Customer Fit Size Review

Like ARQ, Pansy has an incredible mission statement and owner. I love that the pieces are all bio-degradable and their entire mission statement. I believe that what you wear closest to your body has an impact on your mood and mental health. Investing in quality undergarments is something we should be allowed to treat ourselves to.

If you're looking for bamboo, plant dyed pieces, check out:

Hara the Label

Hara is another label I am seriously late to discovering - but I am so in love with their brand and products. I just recently placed my first order with them and am so excited to receive it so I can share all about it! I have read many online reviews and as far as I can tell the fabric (bamboo) is so soft and they should have more give then say cotton undies. I am anticipating ordering some flares for fall, and their newly released BIKE SHORTS. Heck yes! I am a sucker for a good matching set ( I just need to decide on which color !)

They have such a great range of styles for everyone, are size inclusive and bamboo is one of the best sustainable fabrics out there ( as long as it's harvested correctly and without cutting down the rain forest to plant ). Hara has a great mission statement and am so excited to try more from this brand!

Favorite styles,

Bumi Leotard

Frankie Flares

Gabi Bike Shorts

If you're looking for something less expensive (but with a recycling program), check out:


I recently stumbled across this affordable and cute sustainable brand! Knickey was so kind and sent me a few pairs of underwear to try - I chose the High-rise brief in a few of my favorite colors! The only downside is they are very limited on styles, sizes and color options (but I am assuming it's because they are newer company). What I DO love is their recycling program - something I have spent years seeking! Basically you can send your old underwear to them to recycle and they will gift you a free pair with your future order.

These undies are soft and they come up high as my ARQ and Pansy pairs on my waist - but they cut in more through the inner thigh. I love this aspect! They are really soft and comfortable - and run true to size. I ordered my typical size M and they fit great!

Favorite styles,

High Rise Brief ( M )

Knickey underwear size and fit honest review

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